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Volume 11, Issue 19, January-March, 2024


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1. Understanding Climate Change Impacts and Navigating Pathways to A Resilient Future                                                    01-25

T. Vasantha Kumaran and R. Joseph

2.Impact of Fintech Companies in the Indian Banking Sector- A Study                                                                                       26-33

S. Vigneshwar

3.A Study on Role of AI in Selection Process with Special Reference to Corporate Sector in Chennai City                          34-42

S. Sudarsun and T.S. Vaibhav

4.AI Applications and its influence on Investors’ inclination towards Bank Investment Options                                           43-49

Sandhiya. M and Dr. Anli Suresh

5.An Analysis of the Effectiveness of AI in Education with a Focus on College Students                                                         50-56

Dr. R. Uma and T. Keerthi

6.AI Impact on Consumer Perception in Digital Marketing in Chennai City                                                                               57-65

S.Krishnaa and P. Pranava

7.Impact of AI in Consumer Finance – A Study with Special Reference to Chennai City                                                          66-72

B Raghavender and K Arvind Muthiah

8.Efficacy of Artificial Intelligence on Banking Sector                                                                                                                     73-84

Dr. R. Uma and R. Harini

9.A Study on Gig Jobs of Employees in Wipro Company at Chennai                                                                                            85-63

Dr. R. Uma and T. Vaishnavi

10. Influence of AI-Enabled Digital Payment Systems on Mental Accounting Among Gen-Z                                                  94-102

Dr. Tabitha Durai and H. Lalitha

11.A Study on Assessees Perception Towards AI-Powered Income Tax Filing in Chennai City                                              103-112

K.Srikanth and B.S.Dwarakesh

12.Impact of AI on Human Replacement in Labour Market with Special Reference to the Manufacturing Sector in Chennai Metropolis

T. Madhan and L. Deeraj                                                                                                                                                                      113-123

13.Facilitating AI in the Domain of Digital Marketing in Chennai City                                                                                        124-132

S. Kieran and J. Mohit Krishna

14.Data Privacy and Security in AI: Building Trust with Chennai Customers                                                                           133-142

V.Monish kumar and S. Vishal Vishwakarma

15.Implementation of AI in Share Market for the Continence of Indian Investors                                                                  143-150

Shreeram Sundararajan and J. Srinivasanarayanan

16.A Study on AI Special Reference to ADAS and Autopilot in Indian Automobile Industry                                                151-159

M. Dharshan and Ibrahim Taiyeb Chakaliyawala

17.Exploring the Impact of Artificial Intelligence in the Field of Pharmacy                                                                             160-164

Ikatelu Kelvin Kosisochukwu

18.Role of AI in Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing                                                                            165-172

S. Logalakshmi and Dr. P.G. Latha Maheswari

19.Role of Artificial Intelligence in Bank Payment Applications                                                                                                173-182

N. Jannifer Rani and Dr. Anli Suresh

20.Impact on Consumer Perception towards AI on Chatbot: A Study with Reference to Four-Wheelers in Chennai City     183-192

S.Vishaal and M.V.Sathish

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