Volume 01, Issue 01, July-September 2019

Chief Editor’s note


1.Global Development and Regional Economic Situation Issues, Challenges and Remedies 1-12
T.Lakshmi Pradha & Dr.S.Thirunavukkarasu
2.Impact of Climate Change on Insect Pollination. 13-19
3.Valluvan-An Icon of Globalization. 20-27
4.A Study on Consumer Buying Behaviour Towards Branded Apparels with Reference to Dindigul City 28-36
Mr.K.Vinyagamoorthy, & Dr.M.Soundarapandain
5.Developments in the Hospitality Industry – An Overview of Tamil Nadu Hotels. 37-44
Dr.K.Rajeswari, Principal & Mr.K.SathishKumar
6.Transcendent Economics- The Last Economic Revolution 45-47
Mr.M.A Nehru Edwin Raj & Mr.M.E Alexander Durai Raj
7.IPOS Factors Determining the Under pricing of IPOS by buy and hold Raw Return in Long run. 48-55
R.Selvamathi and Dr. A.A.Ananth

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Volume 02, Issue 02, October—December, 2019

Editorial Note


1.Global Development Perspective, Economic Realignment and its Challenges-A Synoptic view


2.A Glimpse of the Genesis of Swami Vivakananda’s Economic Ideas

Dr. (Mrs) K Kamar Jahan

3.A Study on Medical Tourism in Chennai City – An Empirical View

Dr. R.D. Indumathi

4.Eradication of Tax from the Free World

Mr.M.A Nehru Edwin Raj and Mr. M.E Alexander Durai Raj

5.Tamilar’s views on Economic Development


6.A Different Ethnic Cleansing as Portrayed in Sujatha Bhatt’s ‘A Different History’


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Volume 03, Issue 03, January-March, 2020

Editorial Note


1. Life Style Disorder and Management of Non-Communicable Diseases

Dr S.N. Sugumar and Mrs. M. Sripriya

2. Globalisation and Human Resource Management – Challenges and Strategies

Dr. M. Soundarapandian

3. A Glimpse of Indian Economic Thought in Ancient Indian Literature


4. Beyond global development and regional economic situation: The Noney Journey – From Planck length to Infinity

M K Srinidhee

5. Study on Alcohol Consumption and Impact of Social Problem

Dr. S. Paramesvaran

6. New Wine in New Bottles: A Paradigm Shift in English Language Learning

Dr. Helen Thimmayya

7. Transcending Black Aesthetics: A Panoramic Perception of Select Poems of Maya Angelou

Dr.Subthra Devi

8. Mathematical modeling for factors estimation A Study with reference to groundnut cultivation



Volume 04, Issue 04, April-June, 2020

Editorial Note


1 Barriers in Implementation of Sanitation Projects A Case Study of Open Defecation Free (ODF) India

Muskan Agrawal, Shabarnee Pradhan, Anand Pandey, and Badri Narayanan

  1. Select Gap identification on Mathematical and Computer Modeling in Drug Discovery till COVID – 19

Dr. S.Dheva Rajan

3 Importance of artificial intelligence in the treatment of COVID-19 disease

Faizan Jamal, Musangi Sumanth, and Madhavarani Alwarsamy

4 Medical history and impacts of notable pandemics

Jayati Saini, K.J Thejasri and A. Madhavarani

5 Covid -19, Labourers of Informal Sector and Supply Chain in India A Theoretical Analysis

Mahipal Singh Yadav and Manish Sharma

6 Understanding COVID -19 Theoretically through Bull Whip Effect and the

Vinod Sharma and Manish Sharma

7 The Fury of the Mysterious Coronavirus (COVID 19) – A General Perspective

Dr. V. Manikantan

8 COVID-19 consequence on Indian economy

Musangi Sumanth, Faizan Jamal, and Madhavarani Alwarsamy

9 Challenges and Issues Faced by the People during COVID-19 Lockdown – A study with Special Reference to Chennai Metro City

Dr. L Vijaya Kumar

10 COVID 19 – A Homoeopathic Perspective

Dr.S. Lohita

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Volume 05, Issue 05, July-September, 2020


Editorial Note


1.Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Assam: Some Aspects of Size, Growth and Structure

Bijoy Kumar Dey and Kanchan Datta

2. COVID-19 Fallout and Indian Philosophical Approach

Dr V.Chandrasekar

3. Understanding Economic Epidemiology of COVID-19 in Indian Context

Dr.Manish Sharma & Dr.Vinod Sharma

4. Prevention of COVID -19 – Challenges and Strategies

Dr S.N. Sugumar

5. Social Factors of People’s Republic of China: A study through HOFSTEDE Model

Prashant Pareek  and Nishita Kumar.

6. Towards controlling the Catastrophe caused by Covid-19 and make the future certain and healthy

Dr.X.Vincent Jayakumar

7. COVID-19- A study on Health System of India, and Tamil Nadu in particular: Are we ready to Tackle the onslaught of Covid-19?


8. Economics of Internationalisation of Higher Education in the Post-Pandemic Era


9. Economy, Migration, and Covid19 in Bihar

Mr.Kishlay Kirti

10. Application of Mathematical Models in Agriculture- A Review



Volume 06, Issue 06, October-December, 2020


Editorial Note


1.Trade Misreporting: A Case of Zimbabwe Foreign Trade


2. Changing Occupational Structure of Workers in KBK Districts of Odisha

Dr. Premananda Sethy

3. Present Scenario of Ship Building Industry in Indian.

Dr. A.Mourougane

4.Issues and challenges of mobile phone purchase for online classes during Covid-19 -A study with reference to Thiruvalur District

Dr. P. Arivazhagan

5.Sustainable Health Practices of Covid-19Patients in Tamil Nadu

Dr. C.K.Gomathi

6. Understanding the Nature of Man through the Scientific Mathematical Vision of Swami Vivekananda



Volume 07, Issue 07, January-March, 2021

Editorial Note


1.Trade Facing the Eight Plagues from the 21st Century-A resilient and friendly society needs citizen communities 1-28

Homo Sociabilis Research Collective, August 2020

2.Changing Migrants and Policy Response during Covid-19 in India 29-35

Kishlay Kirti & Chandan Kumar

3.Fiscal Deficit and Crowding Out Case for an Expansionary Fiscal Policy 36-44

Nishat Anjum

4.Environmental Protection Awareness level of Household Women in Thiruvallur Town, Tamil Nadu – A Study45-50

Dr. V. Raju

5.Economic Impact of Watershed Management in Kanchipuram District of Tamil Nadu 51-58

Dr. T.Raghu

6.Influence of Asanas, Combination of Asanas and Pranayama on Stress among College Students 59-64

Dr.A. Sellaperumal

7.Economic Implication of Gandhian and Deendayal Ideology in the Context of Post COVID-19 Pandemic 65-77

Dr. Premananda Sethy

8.Addressing the Entrepreneurship for India Post Covid Analysis 78-84

Deobojyoti Kumar

9.Economics of Women Street Vendors –A study in Kokrajhar town of Assam 85-95

Bijoy Kumar Dey

10. Peace and Conflict Resolution in Tamil Tradition Dr. V. Chandrasekar

Dr. V. Chandrasekar

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Volume 08, Issue 08, April-June, 2021

Editorial Note


1.Micro finance and sustainable development Trends, Challenges and Opportunities

Palavalasa Sai Kamalakar Rao, A. Abdul Raheem  and  A.Sivaprakasam

2. Analysing the progress of financial inclusion in India

Pavan Kumar T and Aniket Chatterjee

3. A Study on Impact of COVID – 19 in the Higher Education System

T. Dhivakar

4. Emerging Issues and Challenges in HRM in the Pandemic Environment A Theoretical Perspective

Senthamizh Selvi, Dr. A. Abdul Raheem and A. Omprakash

5. Covid-19 and Indian Growth Trajectory

Nandu S Nair

6. Adoption of Genetically Modified Technologies in Agriculture and their sustainability Some issues

A.Sivaprakasam, A. Abdul Raheem and T.Vaidegi

7. A Study on Food Habits and its Impact on Post Covid-19 With Respect to Chennai City

S.Jothi Kumar

8. A Study on Impact of COVID -19 on the Consumer Buying Behaviour


9. Impact of Covid – 19 on E-Commerce


10. Digital Finance in India and Developed Courtiers A Comparative Analysis

Deobojyoti Kumar and Debosmita Sinha

11.A critical study of the evolution of Mathematics in Economic Analysis


Volume 08, Issue 09, July-September, 2021


Editorial Note


1.A Study of Behavioural Aspects of People at Home under Lockdown for Corona 1-24

Dr. T. Vasantha Kumaran and Dr O.M.Murali

2.A Study of Public debt sustainability in India during post-reform and COVID-19 25-41

Dr. S.Thirunavukkarasu

3.Understanding Man-management and managerial skills as in the Tamil Classic “Tirukkuṛaḷ”  42-50

Dr. V.Chandrasekar                                                                                                                

4.Covid 19 and Diet Pattern  51-54                                                                                        

Dr.R.Sivachandran and Dr.K.Rajagopal

5.Some issues of Education sector during Covid-19 55-59                                              

Kishlay Kirti, Amit Yadav, Mohd Shahalam Ali,  and Chandan Kumar

6.The crucial need for Social Security Protection to combat the devastating COVID-19  60-67

Dr. X.Vincent Jayakumar                                                                                                  

7.Estrangement of the Intersex Community Leading to Disorientation of Identity as Portrayed in the novel Middlesex  68-73

Dr. V. David Jeyabalan and Antonitta Seola J                                                            

8.Strategies on the control and prevention of vector-borne, zoonotic, and water-borne diseases during floods in Cuddalore District of Tamil Nadu, India      74-95

Dr. P.Basker                                                                                                                      

9.Economic Situation of Indonesia- A Synoptic View  96-102

Deobojyoti Kumar

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volume 08, Issue 10, October-December, 2021


Editorial Note


1. Paradigms in Geography: Issues and Opportunities  1-15


Dr T. Vasantha Kumaran

2. The ‘New Normal’ Concept Critique  16-28


Wellington G. Bonga, Zvikomborero B. Sibanda, and ThabaniNyoni

3. Impact of Covid-19 on the Rural Economy: Evidence from a Village in Uttar Pradesh 29-45


Ashwasti Khamari, Badri Nayarayan, Anwesha Mohanty, Balram Bhusan, and Anand Pandey

4. Debt Dynamics in India – Is Fiscal Deficit Good or Bad for an Economy?  46-19


Madhusudhanan S

5. A Study of Social Behaviour in the context of COVID-19 in a village named Ghatampur, Bhadohi district in Uttar Pradesh 50-61


Amlan Mohanty, Saptadeep Biswas, Dr. Balram Bhushan, Anand Pandey, and Badri Narayan

6. Herbal Gardens of Educational Institutions and Entrepreneurship Development: A Case Study from South India 62-84


Guruprasad Anantharam, and Dr. Chittibabu C V

7. The Study on the Impact of COVID-19 on the government policies in the Chatarshahpur Village, Uttar Pradesh  85-96


Aditya Sharma, Dr. Balram Bhusan, Anand Pandey, and Badri Narayanan

8. A study on revenue and expenditure position of the Government of India   97-112


Dr. S.Thirunavukkarasu

9. A Mathematical Algorithms of Covid-19 and intervention programme in India 113-127


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Editorial Note


1. US 100-Day Reviews under Executives Order 14017: A Critical Evaluation in the Context of India                                                   1-9

Arghya Nandi and Badri Narayanan

2. Predicting Music Popularity Using Machine Learning Algorithm and Music Metrics Available in Spotify                                      10-19

Dr. Prashant Pareek, Dr. Poorna Shankar, Mr. Pushpak Pathak, and Ms. Nidhi Sakariya

3. A General Equilibrium Analysis on the Impact of Tariff Reforms to Protect Agricultural Sector in Bangladesh                            20-28

S.M.Moin Uddin Ahmed

4.Sentiment Analysis for Amazon Product Reviews Using Logistic Regression Model                                                                          29-42

Dr. Prashant Pareek, Dr. Neha Sharma, Mr. Roushan Raj, and Mr. Chetan Dalwadi

5. Effect of Militarisation on Development and Democracy in Africa                                                                                                        43-54

Wellington Garikai Bonga and Darlington Ngoni Mahuku

6. Stock Price Prediction Using LSTM, ARIMA and UCM                                                                                                                        55-66

Dr. Poorna Shankar, Dr. Neha Sharma, Mr. Kota Nagarohith, and Mr. Ashish Ghosh

7. Local rural institutions response to COVID Pandemic                                                                                                                             67-76

Naveen Kumar

8. Exploratory Data Analysis and Forecasting of Covid-19 Vaccination using ARIMA and LSTM                                                           77-88

Dr. Neha Sharma, and Ms. Snehal Patel

9. Psychological Perspective as a remedy on Stress and Hypertension Management-A Study                                                            89-95

Dr. V. Manikantan, and Mr. Kosisochukwu Kelvin Iketalu

10. Vector-Borne Zoonoses in India: Systematic gap analysis and Implications for policy-level interventions                                    96-126

Basker, Simmi Tiwari, Ajit Shewale, Tushar Nale, and Sujeet Kumar Singh

11. Crops Prediction Based on Environmental Factors Using Machine Learning Algorithm                                                                 127-137

Dr. Poorna Shankar, Dr. Prashant Pareek, Ms. Urvi Patel, and Mr. Canny Sen

12. Mathematical Analyses in Genetics and Evolution                                                                                                                                138-142

Dr T. Jagathesan

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Volume 09, Issue 12, April-June, 2022


Editorial Note


1. Problems of School Students Under National Child Labour Project Scheme and Government Schools                                               1-9

T. Kalaiselvi and Dr. R. Kalirajan

2. A Study on management concepts in Tamil Literature                                                                                                                                10-15

T.Lakshmi Pradha

3. Education System in Vaikhanasa Tradition                                                                                                                                                    16-20


4. Issues of Space Debris and Sustainable Development Practices                                                                                                               21-31

Dr. D. Janagam,   M. Poonkodi,  and U. Ilayarasan

5. Exploring the spatial and inter-temporal spill-over effects of Air Pollution in Chennai City- A Study                                                  32-42


6. A Study on supply chain management of spices in India                                                                                                                            43-50

T.Lakshmi Pradha and Dr.M.Soundarapandian

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Volume 09, Issue 13, July-September, 2022


Editorial Note


1. Organic Farming during Pandemic in India: Issues & Challenges                                                                                                          01-06

Nisha Dahiya and Dr. Manish Sharma

2. ELDERLY PEOPLE LIVING IN OLD AGE HOMES IN MADURAI DISTRICT                                                                                                                                                  07-15

Mrs.S. Pandeeswari

3. Medicinal Plant Resource Diversity of Agroecosystem in Thiruvannamalai District, Tamil Nadu, South India                              16-29

K Nagavalli, P Santhanapandi, A Guruprasad, R Sarvesan­ and CV Chittibabu­­­

4. A Study on Agriculture and Foodgrain Management in India                                                                                                                 30-40

Dr. T. Raghu

5. Way of Life as advocated by Jainism and its Relevance Today (or Jaina way of Life vis-à-vis Life’s demands)                                41-47

Dr. V.Chandrasekar

6. Transmission mechanism of monetary policy in India – An Expost Study                                                                                            48-60

Dr. S.Thirunavukkarasu and T.Lashmi Pradha

7. Economics of Electricity Consumption: A Literature Review                                                                                                                   61-72

Dr. V. Raju

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Volume 09, Issue 14, October-December, 2022


Editorial Note

1. Impact of Covid 19 on Career Opportunities of Fresher’s –A Study with Reference to Mayiladuthurai District              01-12

Dr.M.Mathivanan and Dr. P. Arivazhagan

2. Entrepreneurship Education Through Successful Entrepreneurial Models in Educational Institutions                           13-19

Ms.P.Muthumeena and Dr.G.Yogeswaran

3. Sustainable Development of LPG Policies of India                                                                                                                     20-31


4. Problems and Prospects of Commerce on Digitalization-A Study in Dindigul District                                                        32-37

Dr. M. Soundarapandian

5. Inclusive Growth through SHG-An Expost Study                                                                                                                       38-49

Dr.R.Thirunavukkarasu  and Dr.S.Thirunavukkarasu

6. Nursing Profession A Rewarding and Challenging Career Choice in India An Assessment                                               50-60

Dr.K.Rajeswari and Dr.A.Vijayshree

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Volume 10, Issue 15, January-March, 2023


Editorial Note

1. Land Reclamation and its Impact on Agriculture-A Case in Tamil Nadu                                                                                                                                                                   1-19

Vasantha Kumaran and N. Annammadevi

2. The Saving-Investment Approach: Determination of Economic Growth of India                                                                                                                                                  20-34

Dr. M. Abdul Jamal and Dr.H. Yasmeen Sultana

3. Emerging market economies and sustainable development of global economies-challenges and opportunities                                                                                         35-45

Dr.S. Thirunavukkarasu and T.Lakshmi Pradha

4. Sustainability and New World Order- A Study With Reference to Kamala Das’ ‘My Grandmother’s House and A.D.Hope’s ‘ The Death of the Bird’                                46-49

S.Supriya and R.Nandhini

5. National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development and the Growth of Self-Help Groups in India                                                                                                              50-35

Dr.R.Thirunavukkarasu  and Dr.S.Thirunavukkarasu

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Volume 10, Issue 16, April-June, 2023


Editorial Note

1. A Study on the Impact of Mobile Phone Usage on the Academic Performance of Undergraduate Students                                                                                                                                     01-08

Abhishek. R

2. A Study On Consumer Preference of Unified Payment Interface (Upi) With Reference to Chennai City                                                                                                                                             09-16

N Bharath

3. A Study on Consumer Preference towards Britannia Biscuits with Reference to Chennai City                                                                                                                                                             17-24


4. Impact of Advertising on Consumer Behavior on Hindustan Unilever Soap Products                                                                                                                                                                            25-33


5. A Comparative Study on Peoples Preferences Towards Electronic Banking Over Traditional Banking                                                                                                                                              34-40

Srivatsan A

6. A Study on Consumer Purchasing Behaviour Towards Hero Motor Bikes                                                                                                                                                                                              41-49

Karthick. D

7. The Covid-19 Pandemic and Its Impact On Logistics Employment An Analysis of Job Losses and Hiring Trends With Respect to Sunway Logistics                                                                  50-57

S. Dheeraj Krishna

8. A Study of Credit Card Holders Repayment Pattern with Reference to Chennai City                                                                                                                                                                              58-64

R.S. Ninandha Pranav

9. Analysing Consumer’s Preference towards OTT Platforms, Post Covid-19 Lockdown                                                                                                                                                                           65-70

Hrishikesh Kumar

10. Perception of Corporate Social Responsibility Among the General Public                                                                                                                                                                                            71-77

G. Karthikeyan

11. Analysing Consumer Preference towards Social Media Marketing with Reference to Facebook                                                                                                                                                       78-84

G. Rajesh

12. A Study on Perception of Taking Life Insurance Products with Reference to Chennai City                                                                                                                                                                   85-91

C. Srivatsen

13. A Study on Tertiary Education’s Impact on Employability Skills of Graduates in the Job Market Concerning Chennai City                                                                                                         92-100

S. Kanakasabapathy

14. Stock Market Awareness Among Gen Z with Respect to Chennai                                                                                                                                                                                                             101-108

Nesan Venkatesan

15. A Study on Consumer Spending Post Covid 19 with Reference to Chennai City                                                                                                                                                                                   109-115

Charan Sairam K

16.A Study on Customer’s Satisfaction on E-Payment with Reference to Thiruvallur District                                                                                                                                                                116-124

Rohith Sathyanarayanan R S

17.Customers Preference towards Real Estate Industry with Reference to Chennai Region                                                                                                                                                                        125-132

Ronak V Bhandari

18. A Study on Factors Influencing the Performance of CA Students                                                                                                                                                                                                                133-140

Venkat Sabarish P

19. A Study on Impact of Pandemic on Changes in Investment Pattern with Special Reference to Chennai City                                                                                                                                         141-147

Anirudh S

20. A Comparative Study on Consumer Preference and Satisfaction with Special Reference Towards the Usage of DELL and HP Laptops in Chennai City                                                             148-153

Sabareesh S

21. Consumer Awareness and Perceived Risk of E-Banking Services An Examination of Adoption and Usage Behaviors                                                                                                                          154-161

K.S. Balaji Venkatesh

22. A Study on Youngster Financial Literacy in Stock Market with Reference to Chennai City                                                                                                                                                                       162-169

Santhosh S

23.A Study on Job Seekers Preferences in Job Attributes and Decision-Making Factors in Chennai City                                                                                                                                                   170-176

R. Yoganand

24. A Study on Customer Satisfaction towards Digital Payments Special Reference to Chennai City                                                                                                                                                            177-187

Karthikeyan. C

25. A Study on Customer Preferences towards Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) Services and its Impact on their Financial Well-Being in Chennai City                                                                                188-196

Desikan. V

26. Parenting Stress During the Covid-19 Pandemic                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               197-204

S. Adithya

27. A Study on Customer Awareness and Usage of Payments Bank and Neo banks in Chennai City                                                                                                                                                                205-214

C. Bhargava

28. Impact of Covid-19 on the E-Pharmacy and Online Medical Industry with reference to Consumer Attitudes towards E-Commerce and Delivery of Healthcare Products                                215-224

M.S. Pranav

29. Exploring the Trust & Behavior Intention towards Customer Satisfaction in Banking Industry Chennai                                                                                                                                                  225-233

R. Surya Prathapan

30. A Study on Customer Preferences towards UPI Payments Over Cash with Special Reference to Chennai City                                                                                                                                          234-240

A.V. Harikrishnan

31. A Study on Performance-Based Pay – A Motivator to Work Rather a Stress Inducer, Remarkably in Chennai City                                                                                                                               241-248

S.V. Vivekananda

32. Impact of National Education Policy 2020 on Teacher’s Diversity and Student Achievement                                                                                                                                                                       249-256

Rohan Sankar

33. Philosophy of Education a review                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            257-263

Dr. V.Chandrasekar

The last date for receiving articles for Vol. 10 & Issue 17 of July-September, 2023 closes on 15.06.2023


Editorial Note


1. Analysis of Climate Change Management and its implications on Agriculture Tourism in India with reference to genetic diversity in banana

Dr. S. Krishnakumar                                                                                                                                                                                        01-15

2. The Effectiveness of Corporate Social Responsibility on Consumer Purchase Intention                                                             16-29

Dr. M. Kamaraj and Dr. Rameshkumar

3. Differential Calculus and its Application in Economics- A Study with Reference to Consumer Demand Theory                         30-37

Dr. S. Thirunavukkarasu and T. Lakshmi Pradha

4. A Study on Awareness about the Investment Pattern among the Working Women in Virudhunagar District                              38-45

Ms.P.Muthumeena and Dr.G.Yogeswaran

5. Colloquium paper on The rationale behind creating Quality jobs for Economic growth -A vital component of SDG                  46-48

Dr X.Vincent Jayakumar

The last date for receiving articles for Vol. 10 & Issue 18 of October-December, 2023 closes on 15.10.2023


Volume 10, Issue 18, October-December, 2023


Editorial Note


1. Multidimensional Quality of Life Index (MQLI) An Alternative Approach for Estimating Multidimensional Poverty in Six Metro Cities of India – K. Dhanasekaran 



2. Concatenation Of Board Gender Diversity with Managerial Efficiency in Selected Fortune Indian Companies – Dr Sanaya Khanna


Dr. Sanaya Khanna

3. Human Resource Analytics on Talent Acquisition A Systematic Review – Rakesh Naik Vadithe


Rakesh Naik Vadithe and Bikrant Kesari

4. Impact of social media marketing on customer buying behavior in hospitality industry of Gujarat – Shweta Anand Oza


Shweta Anand Oza

5. Quantitate risk assessment for implementing Green Supply chain management


Dr. Virendra Balon, Dr. Darshan Mahajan and Dr. Rashmi Mahajan

6. Working Capital Management, Firm’s Performance and Sustainable Growth of Firms in India A Simultaneous Equation Approach – Pritty Hazarika Dhritabrata Jyoti Bharadwaz


Pritty Hazarika and Dhritabrata Jyoti Bharadwaz

7. Impact of Behavioural Traits on Reasons for Commencement of Business Venture by New Age Indian Entrepreneurs_pagenumber


Tathagata Dasgupta

Research Books:

1. Development Research in rural India Case studies from Uttar Pradesh


Badri Narayanan Gopalakrishnan and Anand Pandey

2. Trade Policy Analysis for Caricom Countries


Badri Narayanan Gopalakrishnan

The last date for receiving articles for Vol. 10 & Issue 18 of October-December, 2023 closes on 15.12.2023


Volume 11, Issue 19, January-March, 2024


Editorial Note


1. Understanding Climate Change Impacts and Navigating Pathways to A Resilient Future                                                    01-25

T. Vasantha Kumaran and R. Joseph

2.Impact of Fintech Companies in the Indian Banking Sector- A Study                                                                                       26-33

S. Vigneshwar

3.A Study on Role of AI in Selection Process with Special Reference to Corporate Sector in Chennai City                          34-42

S. Sudarsun and T.S. Vaibhav

4.AI Applications and its influence on Investors’ inclination towards Bank Investment Options                                           43-49

Sandhiya. M and Dr. Anli Suresh

5.An Analysis of the Effectiveness of AI in Education with a Focus on College Students                                                         50-56

Dr. R. Uma and T. Keerthi

6.AI Impact on Consumer Perception in Digital Marketing in Chennai City                                                                               57-65

S.Krishnaa and P. Pranava

7.Impact of AI in Consumer Finance – A Study with Special Reference to Chennai City                                                          66-72

B Raghavender and K Arvind Muthiah

8.Efficacy of Artificial Intelligence on Banking Sector                                                                                                                     73-84

Dr. R. Uma and R. Harini

9.A Study on Gig Jobs of Employees in Wipro Company at Chennai                                                                                            85-63

Dr. R. Uma and T. Vaishnavi

10. Influence of AI-Enabled Digital Payment Systems on Mental Accounting Among Gen-Z                                                  94-102

Dr. Tabitha Durai and H. Lalitha

11.A Study on Assessees Perception Towards AI-Powered Income Tax Filing in Chennai City                                              103-112

K.Srikanth and B.S.Dwarakesh

12.Impact of AI on Human Replacement in Labour Market with Special Reference to the Manufacturing Sector in Chennai Metropolis

T. Madhan and L. Deeraj                                                                                                                                                                      113-123

13.Facilitating AI in the Domain of Digital Marketing in Chennai City                                                                                        124-132

S. Kieran and J. Mohit Krishna

14.Data Privacy and Security in AI: Building Trust with Chennai Customers                                                                           133-142

V.Monish kumar and S. Vishal Vishwakarma

15.Implementation of AI in Share Market for the Continence of Indian Investors                                                                  143-150

Shreeram Sundararajan and J. Srinivasanarayanan

16.A Study on AI Special Reference to ADAS and Autopilot in Indian Automobile Industry                                                151-159

M. Dharshan and Ibrahim Taiyeb Chakaliyawala

17.Exploring the Impact of Artificial Intelligence in the Field of Pharmacy                                                                             160-164

Ikatelu Kelvin Kosisochukwu

18.Role of AI in Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing                                                                            165-172

S. Logalakshmi and Dr. P.G. Latha Maheswari

19.Role of Artificial Intelligence in Bank Payment Applications                                                                                                173-182

N. Jannifer Rani and Dr. Anli Suresh

20.Impact on Consumer Perception towards AI on Chatbot: A Study with Reference to Four-Wheelers in Chennai City     183-192

S.Vishaal and M.V.Sathish

The last date for receiving articles for Vol. 11 & Issue 20 of April-June, 2024 closes on 15.03.2024.


Volume 11, Issue 20, April-June, 2024


Editorial Note


1. Physical and Ecological impacts of Improper Solid Waste Disposal Activities A Study on A Selected Area of the Mahaweli River                                                    01-21

M.R.F. Sajida and M.I.M. Kaleel

2.The Uniqueness of Sanskrit Dramas                                                                                                                                                                                                                   22-27


3.Global Sustainability Challenges Local to Global                                                                                                                                                                                              28-40

T. Vasantha Kumaran, R. Joseph, N. Annammadevi, and S. Muthunagai

4.The Legacy of Colonialism on Economic Laws in India Exploring the Impact of Liberalisation Policies on Economic Development                                                  41-50

Sai Anushka Ramancherla

The last date for receiving articles for Vol. 11 & Issue 21 of July – September, 2024 closes on 15.06.2024.